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*DISCLAIMER* - In light of events that have occurred, certain artists from Winter Futa-Solstice no longer represent the inclusiveness and beliefs of collaboration that I strive for, but I am keeping the art up for archival purposes.

Winter has come and it's cold outside! Our favorite ponies are snuggling for warmth,  celebrating the holidays and fucking each other while doing it! 

Featuring : Elzzombie, Forsaken, Hallogreen, Mittsies, Miyamae-K,  Nonny, Saurian, ScrewingwithSFM, SugarlessPaints and Youwannaslap

This artfolio features 10 artists, 22 image sets, 50+ 2D &3D pictures total and an awesome animation! By purchasing this pack you're actively supporting this type of content and providing incentive for artists to create more packs like it in the future. We hope you like it either way!

All characters are 18+ no ponies or dicks were harmed in the creation of this pack :3

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsadult-only, NSFW, pony


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I'm Glad to say i love art AND music from mittsies (thanks helltaker XD)


I don’t understand why people think 10$ is a vast amount of money for a art pack which should be at a higher price for the quality and time that was put into it.


Yeah I'm never seeing this. I can't afford this.


Do you also walk into mcdonalds and try to guilt trip the workers by ordering a big mac meal and then saying you cant afford that? Dont be a dick leaving comments like this.


>Using a food analogy. 
How about you don't do that.

I think it is a great analogy, because this stuff be good


nice stuff

Deleted 1 year ago

Sorry DX lotta hard work with some talented people went into this