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Deep in their lairs, the Dragonesses of the world await your arrival for a pleasurable time~  

Featuring : Aero Zero Ri2k, Elzzombie, Forsaken, Goshhhh, Jcosneverexisted, Pearly Iridescence,  Ruef & B.B., Saurian and ScrewingwithSFM

This artfolio features 10 artists, 25 image sets, 90+ 2D &3D pictures total and THREE awesome animations! By purchasing this pack you're actively supporting this type of content and providing incentive for artists to create more packs like it in the future. We hope you like it either way!

All characters are 18+ no dragons or dicks were harmed in the creation of this pack

Dragons in the Pack:

  • Aero Zero Ri2k : Tianhou, Pinkie Pie(Dragon), Smoulder
  • Elzzombie: Nightfury(Black & White), Winter Wyvern
  • Forsaken: Smoulder, Ember
  • Goshhhh: Princess Luna/Celestia (Dragon), Spike  
  • Jcosneverexisted: Spike x Garble Animation, Smoulder
  • Pearly Iridescence: Barb, Smoulder, Tohru & Lucoa, Maleficent
  • Ruef & B.B. : Kalameet
  • Saurian: Smoulder Animation, Ember, Mina, Faust, Spyro x Cynder, Dragon (Shrek)
  • ScrewingwithSFM: Ember x Smoulder Animation

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TagsAdult, adult-only, Dragons, Furry, NSFW, pony, scalie


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